The Evidence

Use your own discernment when researching fluoride. 

There is no better resource than the internet so if you’re interested in verifying this information for yourself, have at it.  I have done my best to collate information as it pertains to the current situation in Durham county, but most of the information presented applies to all municipal water treatment that adds fluoride.

You will find that neither Durham County nor the manufacturer deny the negative effects Fluoride can have.

It is, by the manufacturer and Durham County’s own admission a corrosive agent that should not be ingested. Have a look at the document(s) produced by Tom Harden, superintendent of the Durham county water department:

If you were wondering what Hazard class 8 specifically means, Wikipedia states:

HAZMAT Class 8 Corrosive Substances

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

corrosive material is a liquid or solid that causes full thickness destruction of human skin at the site of contact within a specified period of time. A liquid that has a severe corrosion rate on steel or aluminum based on the criteria in 49CFR 173.137(c)(2) is also a corrosive material.

It is worth repeating that in section XVI the very manufacturer of FSA states:

The conditions and use of this product are beyond the control of Mosaic…

This information and product are furnished on the condition that the person receiving them shall make their own determination as to suitability of the product for their particular purpose and on the condition that they assume the risk of their use thereof…


To handle the disposal of Hydrofluosilicic acid, fertilizer manufacturers sell the waste products from production (FSA) to independent distributors who then convince municipal governments to add it to the water under the guise that it prevents dental cavities.  Given that the city of Durham has to actually purchase this compound, in a sick twist of irony, you are unwittingly paying the city of Durham to poison yourself.

To understand who, exactly, is accountable for the “benefits” of fluoride is an exercise in frustration.  Ultimately the power resides in us, the people, to demand a change in policy however the chain of authority which allowed FSA to be added in the first place is startling in its unaccountability.   This is what I found out:

  • The manufacturer disclaims ALL liability from the use or application of its product.  That liability rests with the “person receiving” the product
  • The vendor/distributor sells the product to municipal governments usually at the recommendation from some higher government entity (Dept. health and human services, Center for Disease Control, or World Health Organization), or simply the American Dental Association
  • The City Council, having heard a simple sales pitch and requisite recommendation from a higher government agency on how this compound “helps children without access to dental care,” votes to add this to our city’s water treatment
  • From then on, the citizens actually pay to poison themselves through water treatment fees and taxes

Incredibly, it is a well known FACT that overexposure to fluoride is the root cause of dental Fluorosis, a condition that weakens the dental structure from the inside. This manifests in teeth developing brown spots, pits, brittleness, or total decay.  Visit this site to learn more about Fluorisis, or just have a look at some of these examples:

Long-time Durham residents have varying degrees of fluorosis due to the addition of FSA to our water supplies.  Even the NC Department of Health and Human service’s own dentist  Kevin Buckholtz admitted his daughter suffered from fluorosis, but was sure to disclaim that you wouldn’t notice unless you “invaded her personal space.”

LISTEN HERE (Click item 22 Corey M. Sturmer)!

Miraculously, an 11-month study was conducted in Durham circa 1990 to determine exactly what effect fluoride had on developing incisors.  Brian A Burt, Professor Emeritus School of Dentistry at the University of Michigan helped conduct this study which conclusively proved among the 1800+ subjects the increased incidence of Fluorosis in children K-5th grade.  Look!

Furthermore, I have lived in Durham for over 20 years and was 4-5 years old during this test.  I know I am over-exposed to fluoride because my teeth prove it! The scary part is not that my teeth look a little different than they otherwise would have, but that if I am overexposed, what other symptoms might I have?

The visible effects of ingesting fluoride show up in aesthetic changes to teeth – but there is a more insidious symptom that may be harder to grasp.  In modern studies it has been well documented that Fluoride has a measurable, detrimental effect on IQ scores and cognitive development…Leaving me to wonder, how intelligent would I have been had I not been fluoridated?

Have a look at this abstract ( Page 47) from the International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry :

Here was another such study done in China:

The environmental protection agency also classifies Fluoride among those compounds with SUBSTANTIAL EVIDENCE FOR NEUROTOXICITY:

  1. richard smith says:

    Dear Sir Good work. I’m doing the same fight as you here in pinellas park florida using some of the same or similar evidence, except the link below of evidence of fluoride the primary ingredient in roach poison.'S%20SODIUM%20FLUORIDE%20ROACH%20KILLER

    I’m a pit bull going as high as needed. The next council meeting is tomorrow night I’ll know my next step then. Keep up the public awareness journey. I have no anti-fluoride website yet, no tv exposure yet but if you’ve got escalation ideas please let me know? Thanks

    • Richard,

      The only tip I can offer is to be persistant, be kind, courteous, and forgiving of those in government who do not understand. They are victims just like the rest of us, they just don’t know it yet. Educate anyone who will listen and reach out to your local media. Pay them a visit if you have to and teach them about Fluoridation. if you can, show them the WTVD report and let them know that they have been fluoridated, this will elicit some type of response. If you can – ask for those who report on public health stories, they will be most relevant for you to talk to. Also – I like to call the water department every once and a while and pick their brain about Fluoridation. As a customer, shouldn’t we be able to call and say we don’t want the product they are selling us? This helps to expand awareness and grow the momentum. Just a few tips from North Carolina! Best of luck,


  2. Donna Biederman says:

    I am a nurse and have a doctoral degree in public health. Fluoridation is currently being debated in the press in Mebane and Graham, NC. The manager of our water company presented to the Graham city council which voted to end fluoridation but since the water supply serves two municipalities both have to agree. I am currently preparing a statement for the Mebane city council. I have amassed quite a bit of peer reviewed literature on the negative health effects of fluoride. I would be happy to discuss this further and share notes and data with anyone working on this issue as well. Please leave a comment or feel free to email me if you would like to collaborate on this important public health matter.



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