Support all Fluoride Activists by Watching OrganikDR’s Fluoride Rap!

Posted: March 27, 2013 in city, council, durham, fluoride, health
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OrganikDR  Writes on my recent Appearance at the Public Health Board Meeting:

You are a hero! We are fighting these same organizations here in Portland, OR. Which has turned down water fluoridation 3 times now in it’s history. I am from NC and what you are doing, is prolly the only reason I feel proud to be from there. You keep up the good work brother and wish us luck here in Portland, cos the out come of this election May 21st will affect the whole country. Portland is the last major city that has remained non fluoridated. 1 ❤

Oregan Live: Portland City Council votes to move fluoride vote to 2013

The Portland City Council voted 3-1 Thursday to move up the date of Portland’s referendum on fluoride by a year, from May 2014 to the May 2013 ballot.

The vote — the last of Mayor Sam Adams’ term — came after nearly four hours of public testimony on the council’s controversial but unanimous September decision to add fluoride to Portland’s drinking water, which also serves surrounding suburbs.

Anti-fluoride activists successfully gathered enough signatures to force a public vote on the issue. But they had expected the referendum to go to voters in May 2014. Thursday, they argued that voters needed more time to learn about fluoride, and they urged elected officials not to rush the referendum.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz, the lone “no” vote, agreed, saying that it wasn’t in the public’s interest to change the date and that voters deserved more time for discussion.

Commissioner Dan Saltzman was absent. But earlier in the week he predicted the outcome and apologized for it.

“I do not believe the date of the vote should be manipulated by council to benefit one particular side in this issue,” Saltzman wrote in a statement.

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