Is Durham Water Management Division Preparing Pro-Fluoride Propaganda?

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EMAIL Reference #2833 in the subject line to and TELL them you want Corey Sturmer hired as Senior Public Affairs Specialist for the Water Management Department

In a recent job posting on the Durham County website, the water management division is offering upwards of $65,000/yr to a “Senior Public Affairs Specialist” who will act as Public Relations guru for all water management related concerns. Read the excerpts from this job description which clearly show an oncoming propaganda blitz courtesy the Water Management Department, I can only assume in response to the actions of this site and others to expose their flawed policy of public water fluoridation:

Read the Complete Job Posting @ Durham County’s Government Site

Under general direction of the Office of Public Affairs and Water Management Department, primary duties for this customer-focused role include development & implementation of social media strategies and messages for various departments throughout the City of Durham using appropriate media platforms. This role also leads the employee and public information efforts for Water Management; development, planning and communication about the department and its various programs, services, and activities through appropriate media channels.

Why does the water department need a social media channel and a spokesperson?

Water Management:
Serves as public information/community relations officer for department; may serve as spokesperson when designated. Plans production & distribution of the department’s internal/external publications, including oversight for graphic design, printing and other technical aspects of publication. Examples are the annual water quality & sewer system reports, newsletters, web pages, brochures, fact sheets and presentations to create public awareness of departmental activities and events. You will have the fun job of activity coordination for marketing & education programs, including participation in community events.

The strangest phenomenon I have witnessed in trying to convince the city council of their faulty policy is the total absence of any one person who could answer questions about fluoridation.  You would think for such an expensive operation there would already be someone available to explain to paying customers why medication is systematically added to the water supply, but instead all we receive is a small blurb on the City website and canned responses from mid-level government bureaucrats.  Well this will all change if the city has its way, as the job posting indicates there will be a new sheriff in town who can act as the main go-to person for those with serious concerns about being poisoned from their tap water:

This important role researches & responds to media, citizen & customer inquiries by preparing reports and updates as necessary. Maintains the department’s website content & social media insuring accuracy, consistency, quality and interactivity. Serves as an internal consultant by recommending appropriate communications channels to meet communications needs including news releases, brochures and audio/video scripts, presentations and other methods to better inform and engage residents. Will serve as departmental representative when Joint Information Center is activated.

Read the Complete Job Posting @ Durham County’s Government Site

In a half-serious manner, I promptly sent the Durham county government my application for this position.  If hired I would not tow their line but instead immediately begin educating the current administration and entire water department about the hazards of public water fluoridation.  After forcing them to turn off the spigots, I would then serve in a more limited capacity as PR contact for the water department only to help neighbor municipalities and citizens who wish to remove fluoride from the water supply in their area.   If you would like to see me hired for this position, send an e-mail expressing this with Reference #2833 in the subject line to

I will update this post if they ever respond to my application and cover letter:

To Whom it May Concern,

Please find the attached resume as a record of my work history and basic overview of my skills.  I hope you will find that I have an extensive background in inside/outside sales which makes me uniquely qualified to speak in an articulate way about any subject.  I am also proficient in a number of creative publishing applications cited at the end of my resume, have been involved with the development of multiple websites/social media platforms, and am demonstrably practiced in the art of public speaking.

Also attached for consideration in this application are a listing of critical articles/videos and other social media platforms I own which should demonstrate my ability to effectively manage media platforms as well as serve as public spokesperson.

Raleigh North Carolina Violates State and Federal Drug Laws by Practicing Medicine without a License

Durham County Health Board – “We’re Reviewing the Evidence”

How Safe is Fluoride in Our Water?

Corey M Sturmer Resume

Sincerely Yours,

Corey Sturmer
(919) 555-5555

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  2. […] Is Durham Water Management Division Preparing Pro-Fluoride Propaganda? […]

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