Fluoride Direct Action Update Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill December 3, 2012 – SPREAD THIS

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JOIN US On December 4, 2012 at the Raleigh City Council where citizens, patriots, WTVD Channel 11 and other health-conscious people will join together to urge North Carolina’s capital city to abandon their 40+ year old practice of fluoridating the public water supplies.  Due to the overwhelming response to WTVD’s investigative story on the hazards of water fluoridation, a camera crew will be present to capture this historic stand against medical tyranny.  We are confident that through our continued efforts we will be able to build consensus within county governments so as to reconsider this dangerous, hazardous and highly unethical practice.

Click Here to view the Raleigh City Council Schedule


Click Here to view the Raleigh City Council AGENDA for December 4, 2012

Join us @ 7:00pm at:

Municipal Building
222 West Hargett St.
Council Chambers
Raleigh, NC 27601

[Excerpt from Raleigh City Council Agenda]


  1.  Jason Hibbets, Code for Raleigh, would like to make a presentation regarding the Code for Raleigh Adopt a Shelter web application and report on participation in the Code for America race for Reuse campaign.
  2. Corey Sturmer and other concerned citizens would like to play/project a news piece produced by WTVD Channel 11 News on water fluoridation. The news piece runs approximately eight minutes.
  3.  Rocco Piserchia would like to discuss Local Government for Sustainability and public water fluoridation.
  4.  Katie Haberman would like to address the Council and to request stopping the addition of toxic waste products being added to the water supply.
  5. Marcus Hill would like to request the Council to end mass poisoning of Raleigh’s citizens by their government via “water fluoridation.”
  1. Gerald Marsch says:

    —– Forwarded Message —-
    From: G J Marsch ( Researcher )
    To: info@fluoridealert.org
    Sent: Mon, December 3, 2012 1:58:41 PM
    Subject: Re: A glimpse at the top promoter of fluoridation puffery

    Wake up Paul and stop giving your self a pat on the back. You people are walking on cloud nine. Be cause my wife and I are struggling with fluoride poisoning and trying to stay alive we see a different picture. One of two sides having a personality conflict and then those who are fluoride sick struggling to pay the doctor bills. You and your kind are against fluoride and yet neither of you have ever had a ( urine fluoride test ). I have had three of them. Two doctors were transfered because they ordered it and the third could not believe I had one. I had to prove to him I had one. This is the big cover up of all time by the AMA.

    2011-11-08 15:12:00.0 ( Fluoride :

    Reporting Limit : 0.20 mg/L
    Normal : 0.2 – 3.2 mg/L
    Analysis by Ion Specific Electrode ( ISE )

    The last time I was at the doctor he told me that he could not help me if I thought my problem was fluoride related. It is doctors NO NO LAND. Some thing like police departments code blue. From my experience I would have to say that there are very few people in the USA that aren’t suffering from fluoride poisoning. The drug companies love it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  2. Phillip Points says:

    How did the meeting go last night?

  3. […] Fluoride Direct Action Update Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill December 3, 2012 – SPREAD THIS […]

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